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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning with the Spring Luncheon in May and for all future TSRA social events, flyers will be sent only via email.
The TSRA Newsletter will continue to be sent to all members via snail mail. They will also continue to be posted on the TSRA website (tsretirees.org)
If you do not have email or would prefer to receive your flyers via snail mail, please indicate this preference by emailing Membership Committee or sending a letter to TSRA PO BOX 6936, Holliston, MA 01746


View details of the 2018 TSRA events or use the EVENTS pull down menu under Newsroom.

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  • STATUS CHANGE: Please send an e-mail to the Membership Committee or contact any TSRA Board of Directors member for your status change (address, e-mail, ...). Other pertinent information regarding current and past co-workers is also welcomed.

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: There are many ways that you can help TSRA! We'd love to have you join our cadre of friends and co-workers who are happily involved.
    We need one or more volunteers to contribute a little time and energy to update information on the TSRA website. We have developed a set of Microsoft Excel tools that facilitate the maintenance of our various lists: in memoriam, membership, event attendees, and membership renewal.
    Training material will be available and you would have support from the TSRA webmaster.
    If you are interested in serving TSRA and becoming part of this voluntary campaign, please contact any TSRA Board of Directors member for follow-up directions.