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The groups listed below offer TSRA members the opportunities to communicate and interact with other members on topics of common interest. Topics are only constrained by the creativity and interests of our TSRA membership.


Each group has a Point Of Contact (POC) acting as its facilitator. Please note that being a facilitator can be as much or as little work as desired -- from setting up a photo sharing site (such as Flickr) to keeping a list of emails for the members of the group (so ideas and suggestions may be exchanged). We will provide each POC with a TSRA e-mail to route e-mails sent from this site to his/her designated mail box.


New facilitators - email us to post your new Activity Cluster by providing us with the name of your new group and a brief description. We will assign a TSRA e-mail to route messages to your sending mail box (unless otherswise specificed), add your group to this list, and inform you on the new posting.


Potential member - click on the appropriate POC to join his/her TSRA Activity Cluster. An e-mail will be generated for delivery to the appropriate POC. Add your note and send the e-mail.


Current facilitator - email us to update your new Activity Cluster by attaching documents to be posted as events and news on this page or included in the quarterly TSRA newsletter. You may also identify a link to be assigned to your group's name to route viewers to your site.


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