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The following is a list of web sites likely to be of interest to many of our members. Of course, we do not recommend or vouch for the accuracy of the information on any site. However, the listed sites are believed useful and generally reliable. We welcome your suggestions as to what sites should or should not be listed.

If you have a suggestion or a problem with a site please email us.

Textron Corporate Internet Website
Textron Systems Internet Website
TSRA Health & Wellness Links
General Interest Sites
401(k) Advocacy www.psca.org
AARP www.aarp.org
National Retiree Legislative Network www.nrln.org
NE Pension Action Center www.pensionaction.org
Pension Rights Center www.pensionrights.org
Department of Labor Sites
Department of Labor www.dol.gov
Entry Points (Government home pages from which you can track down useful information):
Commonwealth of Massachusetts www.mass.gov
Department of Veterans Affairs www.va.gov
First Gov (entry point for all federal sites) www.firstgov.gov
Internal Revenue Service www.irs.gov
Social Security Online www.ssa.gov
Webster (State of New Hampshire) www.state.nh.us